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Ernie MacMillan House
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Sunday, December 18th, 2005
5:12 pm
Welcome to the Ernie MacMillan den! The very first Hufflepuff dorms dens at hogwarts_elite! Hopefully by being in dens we will get to know our fellow 'puffs better! Each term we will clear out the dens and reassign people to a different den. This way we are always changing up who we are with, and will never stop getting to know each other!

Every once in awhile we will post contest ideas for the dens to work as a group on - building relationships and skills as we go. These "contests" will vary each time - sometimes giving us practice in contests we see elsewhere, or sometimes just for fun. The very first thing we are going to do is come up with a layout plan for this den! Everyone from the Ernie MacMillan den may enter. We will hold a vote at the end of January to decide which layout will stick.

Check the user info for the student roster for this den!

Also, our head girl and prefects will have access to all dens. However, they only will participate in the contests of the dens they are registered in. carmen and deepestdreams will also have access for a tiny bit - just to make sure things run smoothly, and to get the ball rolling in each den!
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